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// WARNING: This code is auto-generated from the Heroku Platform API JSON Schema
// by a Ruby script (gen/gen.rb). Changes should be made to the generation
// script rather than the generated files.
package heroku
import (
// A log session is a reference to the http based log stream for an app.
type LogSession struct {
// when log connection was created
CreatedAt time.Time `json:"created_at"`
// unique identifier of this log session
Id string `json:"id"`
// URL for log streaming session
LogplexURL string `json:"logplex_url"`
// when log session was updated
UpdatedAt time.Time `json:"updated_at"`
// Create a new log session.
// appIdentity is the unique identifier of the LogSession's App. options is the
// struct of optional parameters for this action.
func (c *Client) LogSessionCreate(appIdentity string, options *LogSessionCreateOpts) (*LogSession, error) {
var logSessionRes LogSession
return &logSessionRes, c.Post(&logSessionRes, "/apps/"+appIdentity+"/log-sessions", options)
// LogSessionCreateOpts holds the optional parameters for LogSessionCreate
type LogSessionCreateOpts struct {
// dyno to limit results to
Dyno *string `json:"dyno,omitempty"`
// number of log lines to stream at once
Lines *int `json:"lines,omitempty"`
// log source to limit results to
Source *string `json:"source,omitempty"`
// whether to stream ongoing logs
Tail *bool `json:"tail,omitempty"`