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**** Casual Message ****

  • Moved on to RC3!
  • Wiki is becomming a mess, really need to work on documentation for just mikado.js.
  • Delaying mikado/home framework and demo till documentation is done.

**** Version ****


**** Version History ****

  • 19-2-2010 : RC3 ** added descriptor argument option to mikado#run ** added descriptor options for module descriptor 'fetch' and 'include' ** fixed bugs related to multiple dependencies in the pending list.
  • 24-1-2010 : RC2
  • 19-1-2010 : RC1

**** Module (paralel) loader and alternate dependency resolver ****

  • Stand alone; no javascript framework dependency.
  • Resolves module dependencies at module level.
  • Moves domReady checks to module level so you never have to code it at implementation.
  • Allows preloading modules.

**** Goals ****

  • Tries to Enforce a clean global space.
  • Tries to minimize code for implementation.
  • Tries to provide better dynamic and asynchronous scaling.
  • Tries to keep development simple and more JavaScripty.

Basically, any library that is written like or similar to:

var LIB = (function(){ /* CODE */ })();

can be included as a mikado module!


Mikado is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included MIT-LICENSE file.

Let me know if you are going to include mikado as a whole or in parts in your framework. I don't mind, a reference to me would be nice but not needed, I just like to hear from you ;) Also like to hear from you if you felt inspired by some zany idea I had and went off to build something better ;)

Disclaimer: My code and ideas should ONLY be used at your own responsibility, I am but one man and cannot be expected to keep everything up to date without backing of peers or community.