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git-annex support for Google Cloud Storage

This is a git-annex external special remote that supports Google Cloud Storage (GCS).


  • Supports Standard, Durable Reduced Availability, and Nearline storage classes.
  • Accesses Google Cloud Storage via a Google Cloud service account. Does not use the Google Cloud Storage Interoperability API.
  • Should support object sizes up to 5 TB.


GNU General Public License, version 3 or later.


pip install gcsannex

Configuring Google Cloud Storage

  1. Log into the Google Developers Console.
  2. Create a project if you don't already have one. Remember its project ID.
  3. In the project's settings, go to API Manager > Credentials.
  4. Click "Create credentials", then "Service account key". Select a service account (or create a new one), ensure "JSON" is selected, then click "Create".
  5. A credentials file will be downloaded to your computer. You will need this file when configuring gcsannex.

Adding a remote

git annex initremote <remotename> type=external externaltype=gcs encryption={none|shared|pubkey|hybrid} project=<gcs-project-id>

Set the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable to the path to your credentials file. This is only necessary when running initremote; afterward, git-annex will remember your credentials.

Mandatory settings

See the git-annex encryption documentation.
Your project ID from the Google developer console.

Optional settings

The bucket name, which must be globally unique within GCS. The default name is based on the remote name and UUID.
Enable chunking.
Set to yes to commit the login credentials to the Git repository so other clones can read them. When using GPG encryption, the default is yes and the credentials are stored encrypted. Otherwise, the default is no; if set to yes, anyone with access to the repo can also access the GCS bucket.
A string, such as mydata/, to be prepended to the name of each object. This allows a bucket to be shared by multiple remotes.
The physical location for the data. Can be any of the location strings supported by GCS, such as ASIA, EU, or US. Defaults to US.
If yes, newly-uploaded objects are made publicly readable. Defaults to no.
If set to true when enabling an existing public remote, files can be retrieved without GCS credentials and without gcsannex installed. Requires git-annex >= 5.20150824.
A storage class supported by GCS, such as STANDARD, NEARLINE, or COLDLINE. Defaults to STANDARD.