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Genesis Documents of Blockchain Governance Initiative Network

This repository contains several documents created on the launch of Blockchain Governance Initiative Network, March 10th, 2020. Please refer to the press annoucement of the launch, the presentation describing about it or Inaugural Meeting Minutes.

At this moment we have two documents here:

We seek comments and views on Genesis and Terms of Reference from anyone who has interests on this initiative.

In particular, we seek views on the word "Governance"

To us, initial contributors, the word “governance” does not imply that BGIN aims at imposing top down control to any activities, technologies or standards but rather means that BGIN aims at providing a venue and process to contribute to them through the fully bottom up discussions and consensus making processes. With this concept, at the inaugural meeting, initial contributors decided to use this word in our name.

However, at the same time, we recognize that “governance” could give different impression to some readers. Thus, we would like to seek comments and views if we can or should continue to use this word in our name.

This means that we have decided to seek consensus through the bottom up discussion on this point as well.

We have posted this point in "Issues" section and look forward to discussing it there.

Instruction for contributors

Any comments or contributions are welcomed.

If you would like to contribute, Please take one of the three actions:


Genesis Documents for Blockchain Governance Initiative Network (BGIN)



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