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Terms of Reference

Note: The information in this document is on an interim basis and will be modified as needed.


As blockchain could affect a wide range of social and economic activities, the way we fulfill social interests globally, which currently largely depends on regulation and its enforcement, may have to change as well. At this early stage of development, we should start designing new mechanisms to ensure the sustainable development of this new ecosphere by involving a wide range of stakeholders.

The Blockchain Governance Initiative Network (BGIN) will take a leading role to develop healthy governance where stakeholders cultivate common understanding, enhance dialogue, and work together to make a significant positive impact on the ecosphere and society at large.

Tentative goals

To serve the above purpose, BGIN tentatively aims at

  1. Creating an open, global and neutral platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue
  2. Developing a common language and understandings among stakeholders with diverse perspectives
  3. Building academic anchors through continuous provision of trustable documents and codes based on open source-style approach

Key activities

Taking into the above purpose and tentative goals, the BGIN:

  • Provides open, global, and neutral fora for discussion of issues that affect the development of the ecosystem in technical, business, regulatory, societal, and other contexts.

    (At the inaugural meeting, setting up the Working Group on Governance issues of BGIN was decided and Aaron Wright and Shigeya Suzuki were appointed as acting co-chairs.)

  • Hosts regular, ad hoc meetings and events to enhance dialogue, cultivate common understanding, and promote cooperation among stakeholders
  • Actively outreaches to a variety of stakeholders and works together with affiliated organizations to foster well-balanced discussions
  • Creates material outcomes that influence the way people design, use, and manage blockchain/DLT based on fair, academic and technology-driven discussions within Working Groups: Proceedings/Reference documents/Working papers with contribution from all stakeholders

    (At the inaugural meeting, setting up the Study Group on Key management, Identity and Privacy issues was decided and Katharina Pistor and Nat Sakimura were appointed as acting co-conveners.)

  • Contributes to public policy design and implementation through constructive communication with global standard-setters and jurisdictional regulatory, supervisory and enforcement authorities

Note: BGIN would operate under a non-profit organization with a healthy and sustainable organizational structure and sound governance mechanism.

Roadmap and tentative future plans

  • March 2020: Blockchain Global Governance Conference (BG2C) in Tokyo as “Genesis block” of BGIN: Announcement of the establishment of the Network on March 10
  • April 2020: Ad hoc online preparatory meeting for “BGIN Block 01”
  • Autumn 2020: 1st BGIN meeting “BGIN Block 01”
  • Early 2021: 2nd BGIN meeting “BGIN Block 02”