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The development project inventory manager
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Deventory Status

The development project inventory manager.

New: You can install now the first pre-alpha version of this program!


When you have been working with development projects for a while, keeping a local copy of all of them correctly organized can become complicated.

The purpose of this tool is to become a local project manager that automates certain processes and facilitates the control of all the archived repositories, respecting the idiosyncrasies of each developer with storing preferences.

Screen capture

To set up

Warning: v0.1dev0 is a first pre-alpha version that only demonstrate the very basic scope and performance of the project. It is not dangerous but neither a stable version. It only works well if you create some deventory-card files in some project directories.

You can use Homebrew to install Deventory via my tap repository:

brew install glezseoane/tap/deventory

You also can use PyPI to install this program:

pip install deventory

Alternative, clone and go to this repository home directory, and then run:

python install


Contributors and even maintainers are welcome! Please, read the contribution guide to known the manners.

We have a public discussion list that we use to deepen all the decisions that mark the creation of Olivetty. Read the guide to learn more.

Write to the coordinator (Seoane, for any additional questions or suggestions.

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