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The git profile switcher
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The git profile switcher. It facilitates the switching between git profiles, importing configuration settings such as name, email and user signatures.

Screen capture


It is possible that you have multiple git configurations. E.g.:

  • Work profile
Name: Jane Doe
Email: janedoe@work
PGP Key: AAAA1234
  • Personal profile
Name: Jane Doe
Email: janedoe@home
PGP Key: BBBB5678

It could be a nuisance to switch between profiles while working on different projects. In addition, it is common to forget what profile you are using when you start commit in a new repository, and rewrite your story can be a bigger nuisance.

This tool aims to facilitate the configuration of the profile to be used in each project, an agile exchange between the different profiles and a way to control the profiles that you are using in your machine.

What is a gitcher profile?

A profile is a git configuration data set that includes:

  • Name.
  • Email.
  • PGP Key (optional).
  • GPG autosigning preference (activate it do that every commit will be signed).

It is identified by a subject tittle like "work" or "university" that have to be unique.

Saved data

The ~/.cherfile file contains the saved profiles data.

To set up

You can use Homebrew to install this program via my tap repository:

brew install glezseoane/homebrew-tap/gitcher

You also can use PyPI to install this program:

pip install gitcher

Alternative, clone and go to this repository home directory, and then run:

python install

Both methods install last Gitcher stable version on your machine. Now you can run it on your shell using:


Read the man of this tool to known more about its use.

Note about man pages: if you use pip method to install this program, assert that man directories of your Python environment are added to your MANPATH to can get this program's man pages with the man command. Python might install man pages in default machine level directories.


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