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The contemporary reader of the perennial RSS protocol
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Welcome to the Olivetty's repository Status

The contemporary reader of the perennial RSS protocol.

An Olivetti TTY in a news media outlet


RSS isn’t dead. It is a beautiful manifestation of some of the most visionary principles of the internet: namely transparency and openness. The protocol feels like how the internet was originally designed with static, full-text articles in HTML. Perhaps most importantly, it is decentralized, with no power structure trying to stuff other content in front of your face.

However, today there are not many applications that provide a pure RSS experience. The currently maintained focus on integrating different aggregators that represent an unnecessary layer for how RSS was initially designed. Feeds must reach your machine directly from the server, without any algorithm assessing whether this is appropriate.

Olivetty intends to become a canonical RSS reader that provides a pure experience like the one of yesteryear, with some characteristics of its own to enhance its value and adapt to modern times without giving up the essence.

Many sites have chosen to eliminate their feeds or to publish reduced versions of the headlines that force you to visit their pages. Olivetty will also seek to placate these practices.

A final key feature of this project will be to use two types of feeds: normal feeds and newspapers ones, which will be optimized to handle a large number of items that tomorrow will not longer have any value due to their actuality nature.

To known more, please check out our document folder.


We are starting and contributors are welcome! Please, read our contribution guide to known the manners and considerer to subscribe you to our mailing list.

Write to our maintainers for any additional questions or suggestions.

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