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###Coordinate, communicate and update each other about status and changes in casual events among friends and family.

Send an email to configured email address with a list of invitees and a day and time (on their own line) for the event. Give the event a name in the subject line, and any future email containing that subject line will refer to that event

Each invitee can RSVP or query for status/list of RSVPs, invite other people, cancel the event or remove/unsubscribe from particular events or all emails.

The service must be configured at a minimum with an email account name and password before it will function. To use in this way, follow simple configuration instructions.

###For simple configuration, simply

  1. uncomment the USERNAME and PASSWORD constants in config/custom_configuration.rb.sample
  2. enter your username and password for newly created gmail address as strings assigned to the username and password constants once uncommented like so:
    USERNAME = ''
    PASSWORD = 'your-secret-password'
  3. rename the file config/custom_configuration.rb

The included .gitignore file will prevent git from tracking this file in git once renamed, to avoid sharing your username and password information if you commit changes back to the repo.

###For more complete customization, uncomment and/or add new fields at the bottom of provided custom_configuration.rb.sample file to completely customize the server configuration, email text and some other program behavior regarding persistence and polling intervals. Details on default settings and hash keys for overriding them can be reviewed in lib/get_together/configuration.rb

###To install, download the source and run bundle. If running from source type bin/get_together to execute the server process, which can be backgrounded persistenly using a screen session (data persistence is current using PStore in a local file which caused difficulties with daemons gem, which had been previously used.) It can also be released as a gem with some user prompting at startup for account and password config if there is any interest, the gemspec is ready but interactive config of settings would be added to query user for username and password at startup.

###Planned/desired features: *Calendar integration to handle delays and recurring events *User preferences for notification/confirmation of commands *SMS integration via Twilio/Tropo/Google Voice *"Contingent Affirmative" reply and implicit cancellation under defined conditions. *Optional user reliability scoring/gamification, so that if someone says they'll be there and doesn't show up repeatedly, those statistics are available to other group members for planning, and/or they can be harassed/made to owe beer/etc.