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Fixing updated outlaw DSL syntax

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bglusman committed Jan 25, 2012
1 parent 7e7bf78 commit 8341cf2f87440d59bae8b0fefee4973ff3d89c32
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### Part of S10 class, personal project.
From the included .outlawed.example file for custom rule definition:
- module Outlaw
outlaw "@@", "Class variables are evil"
outlaw "protected", "use private or public, protected is silly in ruby"
outlaw "module :token end", "nest modules to avoid empty module declarations"
outlaw "eval", "never eval, rarely class_eval or instance_eval, but never eval"
- end
Before using outlaw in a project you must create (or copy the example) .outlawed file which Outlaw will read laws from.

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