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@@ -72,6 +72,14 @@ Genome config:
:mutation_rate => float # value 0..1 defining the change of mutation
+== Configs
+This OOGA is configurable via the hash passed to it on create. Keys of this hash are as follows:
+ config = {
+ :gene_length => integer, # number of genes in a genome
+ :gene_type => :symbol, # sets how genes are initialized (:binary, :decimal, :integer, :ones, :zeros)
+ :population_size => integer # size of population
== Population Monitor
This class is used to track the populations evolution and keep the code for tracking seperate from the main GA code. This basiclly just keeps a copy of the population at each step of GA run time. After the GA has run this class can be asked to respond with information about the populations evolution, including mean fitness over time, the best individual and other things.

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