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Automatic command-line mp3/ogg/flac file tagger and renamer
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lltag is a frontend to tag (and rename) mp3/ogg/flac files automagically.

See for details.

lltag installation instructions

You don't care about this if you use Debian or Gentoo or any other
distribution that includes prepackaged lltag versions.

Run 'make' followed by 'make install' as root.
*Both* command-lines must use the same variables for configuring
installation paths.

By default, everything is installed in /usr/local/.
Most directories might be changed by overriding their default values
on the command-line.
For instance, a traditional installation (binary in /usr/bin, data in
/usr/share, and configuration in /etc) might be achieved with:

$ make PREFIX=/usr SYSCONFDIR=/etc MANDIR=/usr/share/man
$ make install PREFIX=/usr SYSCONFDIR=/etc MANDIR=/usr/share/man

If you don't want or can't install as root, you may use
$ make PREFIX=/home/login/where/you/want
$ make install PREFIX=/home/login/where/you/want

Note that 'make uninstall' (with same options) allows to uninstall.

lltag requirements

lltag theoretically only requires Perl base to work. However, depending
on what type of files you want to work on, you'll need to install
either the Perl MP3::Tag module (for MP3 files) or mp3info (for MP3 files,
without ID3v2 support), vorbiscomment (for OGG) or metaflac (for FLAC).
Additionally, when using CDDB features, LWP (the libwww-perl module) is
These dependencies are automatically installed when installing
Debian or Gentoo prepackaged versions, or at least recommended.

lltag may also benefit from a smart readline perl library when
the user edits the tags by hand.
The recommended library is Term::ReadLine::Gnu (also called
GNU Readline Library Wrapper Module) which provides great
inline editing and GNU history features.
Term::ReadLine::Perl may also be used but it might not be able
to save the history between two lltag invocation.

If you experience any problem,
please see
or report to <lltag AT>.
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