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A simple Google App Engine blog
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How to Deploy:

1) Get a Google App Engine account at
2) Create a new application.  Note your application identifier.
3) Edit the included app.yaml.sample:
    i) Change the text APPLICATION_IDENTIFIER to the application identifier
    created in step 2.
    ii) Rename it to app.yaml
4) Edit the included
    i) Variables are self explanatory.
    ii) Rename it to
5) Edit base.html to make it your own (optional).
6) Deploy!
    i) Via command line:
        Move to the directory containing app.yaml and do " update ."
    ii) Via GoogleAppEngineLauncher (for Mac):
        Drag the directory onto the window, click on the app, hit deploy!
7) Start blogging by visiting http://your_blog_url/new
    i) That will prompt you for your Google Account.  Login with the same one
    you use to login to  Only that account can
    add/edit/delete posts.
8) Let me know that you're using it :)
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