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{% extends "base.html" %}
{% block title %}{{ _("About") }} - {{ escape(handler.settings["blog_title"]) }}{% end %}
{% block content %}
<h2>{{ _("About") }}</h2>
{{ _('I am a Software Engineer at <a href="">Facebook</a>. Before Facebook I was a FriendFeeder (Software Engineer) at <a href="">FriendFeed</a> which was <a href="">acquired</a> by Facebook in August 2009.') }}
{{ _('This blog is built on <a href="">Tornado</a>; the same framework that runs FriendFeed. It runs on <a href="">App Engine</a> and the source is <a href="">available</a>. Other interesting bits of open technology it uses: <a href="">PubSubHubbub</a>/<a href="">SUP</a> for realtime updates, the <a href="">Facebook like button</a> with the <a href="">Open Graph protocol</a>, and <a href="">Media RSS</a>.')}}
{{ _('Follow me on <a href="">Facebook</a> and <a href="">FriendFeed</a>. Or email me at <a href=""></a>.') }}
{% end %}
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