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movie info and movie list web app Live Demo


  • [] Convert the Class Components to use latest React Hooks
  • Implement search functionality
  • Implemt like and watchlist
  • Implement movie info with trailer
  • Modal for movie trailer
  • Implement similar movies on movie info and cast info
  • Fix TrendingPage Component bug
  • Add proptype for all component for type checking (high priority)
  • Use localStorage from reducing API requests
  • Fix movieInfo page css in Firefox (low priority)
  • Fix footer in mobile devices (low priority)
  • Refactor css (medium prority)


  • search feature
  • like feature
  • watchList feature
  • User able to play trailer from info page (if trailer available)
  • Show Movie Info (cast info pending)
  • Show Similar Movies in the movieinfo page
  • User can see Individual Cast & Crew Info
  • Authentication (with Firebase)
  • Firebase db for storing user's favourites and watchlist
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