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NAME := "torb.$(USER)"
all: build
.PHONY: clean
rm -rf torb
# gb vendor restore
dep ensure -vendor-only
.PHONY: build
GOOS=linux go build -v -o torb ./src/torb
.PHONY: deploy
ssh root@isucon1 systemctl stop torb.go.service
ssh root@isucon2 systemctl stop torb.go.service
ssh root@isucon3 systemctl stop torb.go.service
$(MAKE) put NAME=torb
ssh root@isucon1 systemctl start torb.go.service
ssh root@isucon2 systemctl start torb.go.service
ssh root@isucon3 systemctl start torb.go.service
.PHONY: put
put: build
scp torb root@isucon1:/home/isucon/torb/webapp/go/$(NAME)
scp torb root@isucon3:/home/isucon/torb/webapp/go/$(NAME)
scp torb root@isucon2:/home/isucon/torb/webapp/go/$(NAME)
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