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bgpipe: BGP reverse proxy and firewall

This project provides an open-source BGP reverse proxy and firewall based on the BGPFix library.

For example, bgpipe can be used to run:

  • BGP man-in-the-middle proxy that dumps all conversation
  • bidirectional BGP to JSON bridge to a background process (filter or mirror mode)
  • websocket + TLS transport of BGP sessions over the public Internet
  • BGP listener on one side, connecting with a TCP-MD5 password on the other side
  • BGP speaker that streams an MRT file after the session is established
  • fast MRT to JSON converter (and back)
  • IP prefix limits enforcer
  • router control plane firewall (drop, modify, and synthesize BGP messages)

The vision for bgpipe is to be a powerful BGP firewall that transparently secures, enhances, and audits existing BGP speakers. The hope is to bolster open source innovation in the closed world of big BGP router vendors.

Under the hood, it works as a pipeline of data processing stages that slice and dice streams of BGP messages. See BGPFix docs for more background.

Install and usage

See bgpipe releases on GitHub, or compile from source:

# install golang, eg.
$ go version
go version go1.22.3 linux/amd64

# install bgpipe
$ go install

# bgpipe has built-in docs
$ bgpipe -h

  -v, --version          print detailed version info and quit
  -l, --log string       log level (debug/info/warn/error/disabled) (default "info")
  -e, --events strings   log given events ("all" means all events) (default [PARSE,ESTABLISHED,EOR])
  -k, --kill strings     kill session on any of these events
  -i, --stdin            read JSON from stdin
  -o, --stdout           write JSON to stdout
  -I, --stdin-wait       like --stdin but wait for EVENT_ESTABLISHED
  -O, --stdout-wait      like --stdout but wait for EVENT_EOR
  -2, --short-asn        use 2-byte ASN numbers

Supported stages (run stage -h to get its help)
  connect                connect to a BGP endpoint over TCP
  exec                   filter messages through a background process
  limit                  limit prefix lengths and counts
  listen                 wait for a BGP client to connect over TCP
  pipe                   filter messages through a named pipe
  read                   read messages from file
  speaker                run a simple BGP speaker
  stdin                  read messages from stdin
  stdout                 print messages to stdout
  websocket              filter messages over websocket
  write                  write messages to file

# see docs for "connect" stage
$ bgpipe connect -h
Stage usage: connect [OPTIONS] ADDR

Description: connect to a BGP endpoint over TCP

      --timeout duration   connect timeout (0 means none) (default 1m0s)
      --md5 string         TCP MD5 password

Common Options:
  -L, --left               operate in the L direction
  -R, --right              operate in the R direction
  -A, --args               consume all CLI arguments till --
  -W, --wait strings       wait for given event before starting
  -S, --stop strings       stop after given event is handled
  -I, --inject string      where to inject new messages (default "next")


# connect to a BGP speaker, respond to OPEN, dump to JSON
$ bgpipe -o speaker

# JSON to BGP and back
$ cat input.json | bgpipe -io speaker | tee output.json

# dump MRT updates to JSON
$ bgpipe read --mrt updates.20230301.0000.bz2 -- write output.json

# proxy a connection, print the conversation to stdout by default
# 1st stage: listen on TCP *:179 for new connection
# 2nd stage: wait for new connection and proxy it to, adding TCP-MD5
$ bgpipe -o \
	-- listen :179 \
	-- connect --wait listen --md5 solarwinds123

# a BGP speaker that streams an MRT file
# 1st stage: active BGP speaker for AS65055
# 2nd stage: MRT file reader, starting when the BGP session is established
# 3rd stage: listen on TCP *:179 for new connection
$ bgpipe \
  -- speaker --active --asn 65055 \
  -- read --mrt --wait ESTABLISHED updates.20230301.0000.bz2 \
  -- listen :179

# a BGP sed-in-the-middle proxy rewriting ASNs in OPEN messages
$ bgpipe \
  -- connect \
  -- exec -LR --args sed -ure '/"OPEN"/{ s/65055/65001/g; s/57355/65055/g }' \
  -- connect

# filter prefix lengths and add max-prefix session limits
$ bgpipe --kill limit/session \
  -- connect \
  -- limit -LR --ipv4 --min-length  8 --max-length 24 --session 1000000 \
  -- limit -LR --ipv6 --min-length 16 --max-length 48 --session 250000 \
  -- connect

# stream a log of BGP session in JSON to a remote websocket
$ bgpipe \
  -- connect \
  -- websocket -LR --write wss:// \
  -- connect


Pawel Foremski @pforemski 2023-2024