Creates ATOM feeds from the GitHub API
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What Is It?

GitHubFeeds is an ASP.NET MVC project that returns ATOM feeds from data exposed by the GitHub API.


There are many data sources (like commit comments) that are only available through the API. It's often useful to be able to consume these in an RSS reader instead of having to visit the web.

This project was inspired by a feature that was in GitHub:FI (the previous version of GitHub Enterprise).

How Do I Use It?

Download the code, build it, and deploy it to a server that can host ASP.NET MVC applications. Then, access:



  • host is where you've deployed the application
  • server is the GitHub server; use for, or the hostname for GitHub Enterprise
  • user is the GitHub user, e.g., bgrainger
  • repo is the GitHub repo, e.g., GitHubFeeds

What Feeds Are Supported?

The current version only exposes commit comments as a feed.

What About Commits? already provides an ATOM feed for the commits themselves; there's an RSS link on the "Commits" page. For an example, access this repo's commit feed.