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The Name Game

Add your name

Fork this repository to your github account.

Clone your fork to your local machine

git clone

Create a feature branch to add your name: git checkout -b name-feature

Change names.txt and add your name to the end of the list on a new line.

Stage the file to be committed. git add names.text

Commit your change

git commit -m "Added YOUR_NAME to the list of names."

Push your branch to github

git push origin name-feature

Merge your list

Add a teammate's fork so you can pull their code (substitute their github username).

git remote add jbrown

See what is in their repository.

git fetch jbrown
# see what branches you now have
# anything under remotes/ is a full copy of a remote branch.
git branch -a

Rebase their commits into your feature branch. ()

git rebase jbrown/name-feature

Resolve a merge conflict. In this case you want to keep all the names so just remove the lines added by the merge.


Tell git the conflict has been resolved.

git add names.txt
git rebase --continue