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A defensive Raspberry

Nowadays, with the Internet Of Things, more and more computer tools exist and more and more people have access to devices connected to the network. As a result, the number of cyber attacks is increasing, hence the importance of securing one’s network. This is where the idea of Raspberry Onion came from to provide an easy-to-use defensive security solution that includes an intrusion detection system, malicious traffic detection and the ability to capture and analyze network traffic, all on a Raspberry Pi 4 to ensure the security of a home network.

Our solution includes a dozen tools for network security on a Raspberry Pi 4 which are :

-For network security and event alerts: Snort, Barnyard2, PulledPork, Aanval, Maltrail

-For full packet capture and analysis: Wireshark, TCPdump, TrimPCAP, Chaosreader

-For IPS logs: Fail2ban

-For cyber operations. Cyberchef

You can follow the software installations and make the right configurations with the cron and services files. Don't forget to look at the user guide.

System requirements: Model : Raspberry Pi 4, RAM : 4-8 Go, Processor : 64 bits, Memory : 128 Gb, Architecture : ARM, Distribution : Raspberry Pi OS.


A defensive Raspberry



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