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Synopsis: flogger -h <hostname>:<port> [-t <key>:<value>]

Description: flogger is a commandline utility that will send data to a flume node listening on specified <hostname>:<port>
             <hostname>:<port> is mandatory.
             flogger will optionally tag the data with specified <key>:<value>

Prerequisites for flogger installation:
1. Linux
2. Thrift installed

Prerequisites for flogger Testing:
1. Hadoop installed
2. Flume installed
3. A Flume node listening on a port 
   e.g.: flume dump 'rpcSource(12345)'

From the 'contrib/flogger' directory
1. make
2. sudo make install

1. For instance, run a flume node on localhost and port:12345
    $bin/flume dump 'rpcSource(12345)'

2. On a machine where flogger is installed
    $flogger -h localhost:12345
    my message

In above e.g. the flume node will dump the message to console like
[INFO Tue Aug 31 20:51:12 PDT 2010] my message

3. $top | flogger -h localhost:12345
will send the output of top to the flume node.