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import os.path
import json
import sublime_requests as requests
import sys
import logging
logging.basicConfig(format='%(asctime)s %(message)s')
logger = logging.getLogger()
class GitHubApi(object):
"Encapsulates the GitHub API"
PER_PAGE = 100
etags = {}
cache = {}
class UnauthorizedException(Exception):
"Raised if we get a 401 from GitHub"
class UnknownException(Exception):
"Raised if we get a response code we don't recognize from GitHub"
def __init__(self, token=None, debug=False):
self.token = token
self.debug = debug
if debug:
# set up requests session with the github ssl cert, if found
cert_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)), "")
if not os.path.isfile(cert_path):
logger.warning("GitHub SSL cert not found at %s! Not verifying requests." % cert_path)
cert_path = None
self.rsession = requests.session(verify=cert_path,
config={'verbose': sys.stderr if self.debug else None})
def get_token(self, username, password):
auth_data = {
"scopes": ["gist"],
"note": "Sublime GitHub",
"note_url": ""
resp ="",
auth=(username, password),
if resp.status_code == 201:
data = json.loads(resp.text)
return data["token"]
elif resp.status_code == 401:
raise self.UnauthorizedException()
raise self.UnknownException("%d %s" % (resp.status_code, resp.text))
def post(self, endpoint, data=None, content_type='application/json'):
return self.request('post', endpoint, data=data, content_type=content_type)
def patch(self, endpoint, data=None, content_type='application/json'):
return self.request('patch', endpoint, data=data, content_type=content_type)
def get(self, endpoint, params=None):
return self.request('get', endpoint, params=params)
def request(self, method, url, params=None, data=None, content_type=None):
if not url.startswith("http"):
url = self.BASE_URI + url
if data:
data = json.dumps(data)
headers = {"Authorization": "token %s" % self.token}
if content_type:
# add an etag to the header if we have one
if method == 'get' and url in self.etags:
headers["If-None-Match"] = self.etags[url]
resp = self.rsession.request(method, url,
logger.debug("response headers: %s" % resp.headers)
full_url = resp.url
if resp.status_code in [,,]:
if 'application/json' in resp.headers['content-type']:
resp_data = json.loads(resp.text)
resp_data = resp.text
if method == 'get': # cache the response
etag = resp.headers['etag']
self.etags[full_url] = etag
self.cache[etag] = resp_data
return resp_data
elif resp.status_code ==
return self.cache[resp.headers['etag']]
elif resp.status_code ==
raise self.UnauthorizedException()
raise self.UnknownException("%d %s" % (resp.status_code, resp.text))
def create_gist(self, description="", filename="", content="", public=False):
data ="/gists", {"description": description,
"public": public,
"files": {filename: {"content": content}}})
return data["html_url"]
def update_gist(self, gist, content):
filename = gist["files"].keys()[0]
resp = self.patch("/gists/" + gist["id"],
{"description": gist["description"],
"files": {filename: {"content": content}}})
return resp["html_url"]
def list_gists(self, starred=False):
page = 1
data = []
# fetch all pages
while True:
endpoint = "/gists" + ("/starred" if starred else "")
page_data = self.get(endpoint, params={'page': page, 'per_page': self.PER_PAGE})
if len(page_data) < self.PER_PAGE:
page += 1
return data
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