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I've made an intervalometer for my Canon DSLR using an ATmega328p, a 3-8 line decoder, and an 8-character 8-segment display. The ATmega has an Arduino bootloader and is using the internal 8MHz oscillator. This is the Arduino code that controls everything.

I've tried to stick to port manipulation for the 8-char display for speed. It seems to work very well.

The 8-char display has common anodes for each individual character, and common cathodes for each segment, so there are 16 lines total (7 segment + decimal point). The ATmega directly drives the segments, while the 3-8 decoder uses 3 outputs from the ATmega to pick which character to drain. To display a series of characters, the flow is:
1) disable decoder, no characters visible
2) increment which character is active
3) enable outputs to select character through 3-8 decoder
4) enable outputs for segments that make up the current character
5) turn decoder back on, wait a bit
This procedure is done every time one of the internal timers is triggered. The hope is that it will happen quickly enough to result in a persistent string of characters.