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Prepared changelog for 3.0 release

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bgrimstad committed Mar 24, 2016
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## Changelog

#### Version 3.0
- Removed class for polynomial regression (PolynomialRegression).
- Removed class for radial basis function approximation (RBFApproximant)
- Updated MATLAB and Python examples
- Added a new builder class for B-splines (BSpline::Builder)
- Changed default architecture to x86-64
- Added support for equidistant knot vectors (still experimental)
- Added support for selecting the number of basis functions when constructing a B-spline
- Added support for building splines with a regularization term (as an alternative to the P-spline)
- Replaced all assertions with exceptions
- Reworked MATLAB, Python, and C interfaces
- Changed to Eigen version 3.2.8
- Updated documentation

#### Version 2.0
- Automatic knot vector selection using moving average
- Added PolynomialRegression (including MatLab interface)

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