A Javascript implementation for canvas.drawWindow
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# DrawWindow
a JavaScript based HTML renderer in Canvas 

## What is it?
Based on the drawWindow functionality in Firefox https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Drawing_Graphics_with_Canvas#Rendering_Web_Content_Into_A_Canvas

## How does it work?
It works by reading computed styles and offsets to draw each element individually.

## What doesn't work?
There are many things that are not complete with this implementation.  It would need a lot of work before becoming 
* Many CSS properties and some HTML elements are not supported, because they cannot be read from the DOM style and positioning properties.
** Form elements
** Different style (dotted, dashed) borders
** Rounded corners
** Gradients
** Many other things
* Browser support is slim.  I have tested mainly in Chrome, though it should work in Firefox and Safari.
** IE support requires flash canvas, and I seem to remember some problems with copying on canvas into another with that library
* Cross domain images do not work as of now.  They need to be proxied from a similar domain or passed as base64 using a cross domain message to prevent permission errors.
* Tests pages are lacking - I had a number of other tests in earlier implementations of this that haven't gotten ported over.

## License
MIT License