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performancestatistics.js is a snippet to save performance.timing data to localStorage, create simple statistics (mean load time & stddev.) and show results in console.

  1. Calculate a series of timings from window.performance. this will be one data point
  2. Save data point by location path & search as JSONfied array to localStorage bildschirmfoto 2013-07-24 um 16 54 45
  3. Take all data points, calculate mean & std. deviation, push to console bildschirmfoto 2013-07-24 um 16 53 48

Result: running this snippet after each "cache cleared" page load, will give some simple statistics on page load timings

@LukasGrebe LukasGrebe Added performancestatistics
Snippet to save performance.timing data to local storage, create simple statistics (mean load time & stddev.) and show results in console

@LukasGrebe thanks! Do you think it would make sense to update the existing performance.js snippet with the additional statistics? Seems like there is some overlap here though this snippet is more tailored towards running it multiple times against the same page. Also, I think it would be nice if the data showed the current value alongiside the mean and stdev.


Uh nice. I like that js. Must have missed it while looking at available snippets. I'll see if I can just take the history functionality an extend the available performance.js though I won't have time till next week or later :-/

Thanks for the headsup!

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