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Find geospatial patterns in place names.


LIVE APP (new link)


Many new countries, new layout, new features. Check it out!

Motivation & Thanks

Based on Moritz Stefaner's outstanding (open sourced!) work, see here/live, we set out to create an interactive example.

Thank you for your ideas & input, Moritz!

So we essentially added some buttons, some countries, some features, and redux to the mix, and here we are.

Also, we are using OpenStreeMap data; (c) OpenStreeMap contributors

See package.json for the other tools we have been using.


  • Many Countries
  • Suffixes, Prefixes, and "Infixes" -- or in other words: You can set the beginning(s), ending(s) and part(s) of a name that shall be found
  • You can link suffixes, prefixes and infixes by either AND or OR (within filter-groups, we use OR, as a word cannot possibly start with two different substrings)
  • MouseOver the dots to see the results
  • Use examples (at the bottom of the page) to access Moritz' examples
  • ADVANCED MODE: write your own RegExp! Examples are provided (details below)

Advanced Mode

In the advanced mode, you can write your own regular expressions.

Please omit the limiting slashes (/) from the text you enter.

This feature allows for very sophisticated pattern matching - see the examples provided! (e.g. match all town ending on "-ach", but not on "-bach")

What's next?

We still have some ideas for new features and performance improvements (currently, we did not work on that, we'd like to add ImmutableJS and shouldComponentUpdate checks).

We are also thinking about writing a quick Medium post on this app (features and structure) - do let us know if you'd like such a thing!

Also, as always, any feedback is much appreciated!

Find me here

All rights reserved (c) bgrsquared consulting AG 2016.