Bash scripts for easier retrieval of remote DBs and importing them into a style VM.
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Import Remote DB for Roots based WordPress


This is a collection of shell scripts to help automate the retrieval and importing of content from a remote server into a local WordPress roots environment. Certain scripts could be used outside of a roots setup (like get_db), while others are more tailored to a roots folder structure.

Setup Overview

  • Clone this repo to the correct place within a roots folder structure
  • Create an ssh Host configuration in ~/.ssh/config
  • Update relevant values in get_db and import_to_local
  • Ensure that Vagrant is running
  • Get the remote db and then import it into the guest machine


Clone this Repo

I recommend structuring your project as outlined in the Installation instruction of the Trellis Docs, so something like:      # → Root folder for the project
├── trellis/      # → Trellis files
├── db/           # → This repo, to be created when cloning
└── site/         # → A Bedrock-based WordPress site
    └── web/
        ├── app/  # → WordPress content directory (themes, plugins, etc.)
        └── wp/   # → WordPress core (don't touch!)

To add this repo to the above setup, change to the root directory and clone this repo to the db folder.

cd path/to/
git clone db

Create a SSH Host Configuration

Using ssh to connect to remote machines makes life much easier. Part of that involves creating a SSH Host Configuration. This is basically a way to alias the ssh connection to an easy to remember string. I typically use a client code as the string. So using the above host as our project, I might use an alias of example or even ex. The point is that it is simple to remember, and unique. For this readme, let's just use example_alias.

SSH Host Configurations are awesome because they allow us to change a complex command like ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa to ssh example_alias.

To do this, we add a Host Configuration to ~/.ssh/config. If this file does not exist, create it. If it already exists, append this to the other entries. Using the above ssh command as an example, add a configuration for the remote host:

Host example_alias
  # Your choice if you want to reference by domain, or IP
  # HostName
  # Point to the private key used to access this host
	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
	user web

We should be able to access the remote host now by issuing ssh example_alias.

Note that the user web is the default Trellis, non-root user. If you changed that value in trellis/group_vars/all/users.yml then adjust the above config accordingly.

If you want to read more about SSH Host Configuration, I think that Digital Ocean has a great article about this.

Update relevant values within scripts

Make sure to update values within the scripts for your specific setup. At the very least update the ssh_alias value in get_db to the host alias created above, in this case example_alias. Review the import_to_local script as well since it has search and replace commands it executes.

Ensure Vagrant is Running

Make sure the VM is running:

cd ../trellis
vagrant up

Get the DB and Import It

This is just chaining the two scripts:

cd ../db
./get_db && ./import_to_local