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Hypriot Docker image that runs a RESTful web service providing temperature values derived from connected DS18B20 sensors. Designed for RaspberryPi.
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Deprecated: Code has been folded into the sensor2json project.

DS18B20 Temperature Sensor + Docker + REST

This repo builds an ARM compatible Docker image that will output the values of DS18B20 sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi.

GPIO Sensors are hard, use REST!

The container binds to a provided port and outputs the sensor data in easy to ingest JSON blobs.

curl http://hypriothost:8080/rest/v1.0/temperature/

  "28-00000483ba1a": "62.9366",
  "28-00000471c98d": "64.2866",
  "28-00000677f123": "48.7616"


Adafruit has an awesome guide but in short do the following commands:

echo 'dtoverlay=w1-gpio' >> /boot/config.txt
echo 'w1-gpio' >> /etc/modules
echo 'w1-therm' >> /etc/modules

How to build

Building the image is straight forward:

  • Git clone this repo
  • docker build -t hypriot-ds18b20
  • or docker-compose up


Sensor IDs don't tell a story, but aliases do. All DS18b20 sensors have an id in the format 28-<sensor_id>. If you attach environment variables prepended with 'sensor_', the webserver will actually replace the sensor id with a string value.


docker run -t -p 8080:8080 \
    -v "/sys/bus/w1/devices:/sys/bus/w1/devices" \
    -e 'sensor_00000483ba1a=chiller' \
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