Another "Flood-It" type game with an integrated solver. In Coffeescript.
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Flood-It Game and Solver

Currently this project contains a (okay) flood-it game solver, but no UI for it (yet). All implementation is in coffeescript. The end result should run in any decently modern webbrowser.

Installing Dependencies

On Debian you should install nodejs with aptitude install nodejs nodejs-legacy.

On all systems, after you have nodejs installed, from within the repository, npm install (does not need root) will install all additional dependencies locally into node_modules/. You may need to use npm install -f to force a complete installation.

Makefile Targets

  • all: Running make with no arguments will lint the code, run unittests, and then build the browser version
  • browser: Running make browser will use browserify to build a browser-ready version of our code to bin/
  • test: Running make test will run unit tests
  • lint: Running make lint will run coffeelint over the sourcecode to check that coding standards are being followed
  • clean: Running make clean removes all binaries