Version control, written in Haskell with all that monadic goodness (currently totally in progress and not finished at all)
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Version control, written in Haskell with all that monadic goodness! (Currently totally in progress and not finished in the least)

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Differences with Git

  • does not distinguish between tracked and untracked files
  • horse stage replaces git add and git rm
  • the staging area does not store changes; rather, it merely tracks filenames to commit
  • horse squash replaces git rebase -i
  • addition of horse unstage
  • horse init doesn't overwrite existing repositories like git init does
  • can't initialize a repo in a subdirectory of another repo
  • checkout completely overwrites working directory (product of not distinguishing between tracked and untracked files)
  • untrack and retrack replace .gitignore. Their behavior is also slightly different w.r.t. previously tracked files in Git, since horse-control doesn't distinguish between untracked and unstaged files.

Currently exposed commands and functionality


  • init
  • config
  • status
  • stage
  • unstage
  • commit
  • commit --amend
  • checkout
  • show
  • log
  • squash
  • untrack
  • untrack --list
  • retrack
  • diff
  • branch create
  • branch delete
  • branch list
  • cherry-pick


  • Git-like parent/ancestor syntax (^, ~)



> cabal install horse-control

non-cabal dependencies (database)


> sudo apt-get update -qq
> sudo apt-get install libsnappy-dev
> wget
> tar -xzf leveldb-1.9.0.tar.gz
> cd leveldb-1.9.0
> make
> sudo mv libleveldb.* /usr/local/lib
> cd include
> sudo cp -R leveldb /usr/local/include
> sudo ldconfig
> cd ../..


> brew install leveldb