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In order to run this, go to the following files and make the following changes:

  • constants.h:line 19 -- change the variable board_file_name to the location of the board file
  • constants.h:line 21 -- change the variable dictionary_file_name to the location of the dictionary file
  • constants.h:line 23 -- change the variable disregard_final_scores if you want to see all histories that lead to the final state, irrespective of the final scores of the players (this is useful if you're running it on a board that doesn't come from an actual game, in which case you wouldn't know the final scores).

##Assumptions No error checking is currently performed on the input board. Specifically, the following assumptions are made:

  • the board is a square (i.e. m x n for m == n)
  • the board format is adhered to

##board format Example:


Any lines starting with # will be ignored, so feel free to use them for comments.

The first of the lines starting with a '%' character is the number of players. Each subsequent i^th line is the score of the i^th player.


Generation of all possible histories of a Scrabble game from the end state.



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