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What do I do if I lock myself out of my own site?

Can I use Stop Spammers with Cloudflare?
Yes. But, you'll need to restore visitor IPs:

Can I use Stop Spammers with WooCommerce (and other ecommerce plugins)?
Yes. But, you'll need to go to Stop Spammers > Protection Options > Check the Box for "Only Use the Plugin for Standard WordPress Forms" > Save if you're running into any issues.

Can I use Stop Spammers with Akismet?
Yes. They can even work together for an extra layer of protection.

Can I use Stop Spammers with Jetpack?
Yes and no. You can use all Jetpack features except for Jetpack Protect, as it conflicts with Stop Spammers.

Can I use Stop Spammers with Wordfence (and other spam and security plugins)?
Yes and no. Should you is a better question. Most advanced plugins should not be used with other plugins that do the same thing. For example: cache, SEO, and spam/security plugins usually don't work better by doubling up, and can often conflict, essentially cancelling each other out or even negatively impacting the result you're trying to achieve.

While some plugins within the same category can actually compliment one-another, and I'm not saying that there are any specifically known issues or bugs as to why you can't, I just personally wouldn't use Stop Spammers and Wordfence together. I'd choose one or the other. There's also memory consumption to consider. Running multiple security plugins, especially on shared hosting could slow your site down or even cause server errors.

It's up to you. Use one or the other or both, depending on your needs:

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