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This repository contains annotation data and scripts for the HUME (Human UCCA-based MT Evaluation) metric. This metric is based on the UCCA semantic representation and aims to measure how much of the semantic content of the source is captured by the machine translation.

There were two rounds of annotation:

  • round_1 : This took place in 2015, and the results were published in 2016 at EMNLP (see below). We annotated data from 4 language pairs (English to Czech, German, Polish and Romanian), translated by a single MT system.
  • round_2 : This took place in 2016, using the same language pairs, but comparing different MT systems, including phrase-based, syntax-based and neural.

The subdirectories round_1 and round_2 contain the raw data from the annotation tool, the data processed into a more accessible form (tsv) and the scripts for data processing and analysis.


The main reference for HUME is our EMNLP paper, which describes the round_1 annotation.

  author = {{Alexandra Birch and Omri Abend and Ond\v{r}ej Bojar and Barry Haddow}},
  title = {HUME: Human UCCA-Based Evaluation of Machine Translation},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of EMNLP},
  year = {2016},

Data Organisation

Round 1

This is organised into the following directories:

  • round_1/data/uploaded : The system outputs uploaded to the annotation tool, as well the sources, reference and bleu scores. The source and references are taken from the HimL 2015 Test Sets
  • round_1/data/raw-annotation : The annotations dumped directly from the annotation tool.
  • round_1/data/processed : The data from the tool, processed into more readable comma-separated value (csv) files.
  • round_1/data/direct-assessment : The data gathered from direct assessment of the translation (i.e. adequacy judgements)

Round 2

This is organised into the following directories

  • round_2/data/uploaded : The data uploaded to the HUME annotation tool - sources, system outputs and alignments. Also the references. The data is taken from the HimL 2015 Test Sets and the WMT16 News Test Sets
  • round_2/data/raw-annotation : The annotations dumped directly from the annotation tool.
  • round_2/data/processed : The data from the tool, processed into more readable tab-separated value (tsv) files.


The data sets are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license, and the source code is licensed under the Apache Licencse 2.0.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation pro- gramme under grant agreement 644402 (HimL).


Annotation data and analysis scripts for the HUME MT evaluation metric






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