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Awesome Alfresco

Awesome Alfresco

awesome-alfresco is a curated list of awesome Alfresco add-ons, libraries, tutorials, scripts and much more.


Auditing and Reporting

Authentication and Authorization

  • alfresco-agreement-filter - This extension adds a must read page for every user before starting to use Alfresco.

  • Share oAuth - Spring Surf extension allowing remote endpoints to be easily set up against OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 services

  • Share oAuth SSO - Alfresco Share OAuth SSO Support

Backup and Restore

  • Alfresco BART - Backup and Recovery Tool - Alfresco BART is a tool written in shell script on top of Duplicity for doing Alfresco backups and restore from a local file system, FTP, SCP or Amazon S3.


  • Alfresco Benchmark - Alfresco Benchmark framework, utilities and load tests: a scalable load test suite

Content Management Systems

  • Crafter CMS - A web CMS built on top of Alfresco as the repository

Content Management System Integrations

Content Stores

Classification and OCR

Clustering and Multitenancy

Command Line Interfaces and Management Tools

  • Alfresco CLI - Command line interface for Alfresco with navigation and information listing.

  • Alfresco Shell Tools - Command line tools to admin Alfresco. Migrated from Google Code

Custom Builds

  • LXCommunity ECM - Open source custom build of Alfresco Community with commercial support and built-in Swedish language pack

Data List Management

Desktop Sync

  • CMISSync - Synchronize content between a CMIS repository and your desktop. Like Dropbox for Enterprise Content Management!


  • Aikau - Aikau UI Framework

  • Alfresco SDK - The Alfresco SDK based on Apache Maven, includes support for rapid and standard development, testing, packaging, versioning and release of your Alfresco integration and extension projects

  • Alfresco Enhanced Script Environment - Provide additional functionality for the server-side JavaScript environments of both the Alfresco Repository and Alfresco Share tier.

  • Alfresco JavaScript Batch Executer- Alfresco easy bulk processing with JavaScript

  • Alfresco Javascript Console - Administration Console component for Alfresco Share, that enables the execution of arbitrary JavaScript code against the repository

  • alfresco-jscript-extensions - Alfresco repository module with helpful javascript root object extensions which are helpful in much scenarios.

  • Alfresco Maven - Base Maven setup of parent POM, common definitions and plugins for building Alfresco modules without Alfresco SDK (except for a single plugin mojo)

  • Alfresco @mvc - Enables the usage of Spring @MVC within Alfresco.

  • alfresco-ng2-components - Alfresco Angular 2 components

  • Dynamic Extensions for Alfresco - Rapid development of Alfresco repository extensions in Java. Deploy your code in seconds, not minutes. Life is too short for endless server restarts.

  • Enables Cors support for an Alfresco repository - Enables Cors support for an Alfresco repository

  • generator-alfresco - A Yeomen generator based on the Alfresco all-in-one Maven archetype with some generators and an opinionated project structure.

  • Alfresco Share ReactJS - An Alfresco AIO starter kit to start creating Alfresco Share widgets with ReactJS

  • Alfresco Utility - Project to consolidate abstract utility features that may be reused across functional Alfresco modules

  • upgrade-assist - Help identifying what to do when upgrading a war overlay project

Development Tools

Deployment and Installation

Docker Based Deployment

Digital Signatures

  • Alfresco eSign Cert - Provides an Alfresco Share action for signing PDF files (PAdES-BES format) and any other file (CAdES-BES format detached) via java applet and more.

  • CounterSign - A digital signature solution for Alfresco



  • Alfresco Discussions - Send an email to all site members whenever a discussion topic is created/updated. This extension also allows you to reply to the notification via email

  • Alfresco RFC822/EML tweaks - Alfresco RFC822/EML tweaks

  • Inbound Invites - Send calendar invitations to an Alfresco Share site and have those events show up on the Share calendar


  • Alfresco Ciphering - Alfresco Action to cipher & decipher the content of the files by using a password

  • Alfresco Encryption Module - Extends features of Alfresco system, which allows users to encrypt and decrypt their data on repository.


  • Alfresco Kafka - An add-on that publishes events to a Kafka topic when nodes are created, updated, or deleted.

External App Development

External Clients and Applications

Filesystem Integrations

  • ALFFS - FUSE filesystem for the Alfresco DMS.

Form Controls and Document Library Components

  • alfresco-colleagues-picker-form-control - Limits the people picker to show only users members of the same groups the current logged in user is member

  • alfresco-value-assistance - Configurable value assistance module for Alfresco Share that allows picklists to be managed using datalists.

  • Alvex Datagrid - Can be used in place of Alfresco default datagrid with additional features

  • Alvex Masterdata - Extends default Alfresco content model LIST constraints to use dynamic and external lists of values.

  • Alvex Orgchart - Extends standard Alfresco users and groups functionality by adding complete organizational chart that is more convenient for business users than flat groups.

  • Document preview while editing tasks - Adds Preview action to the attached documents while editing tasks.

Language Packs

  • Serbian - Serbian Language pack for Alfresco

  • Swedish - Swedish Language pack for Alfresco

Localisation Tools



Mobile Clients


Online Editing


Records Management

Share Add-ons

  • Alfresco Permission Labels - Displays user permission levels in Document Library Views as a label

  • alfresco-site-hierarchy - Addon that allows creating hierarchies of sites as secondary structures and provides some common automatisms for site hierarchies


Share Dashlets

Transformers and Previewers



  • Alfresco Visualization Tools - Includes dashlets to view and visualize content within Alfresco repositories using D3.js and Simile Project.

  • ContentCraft - ContentCraft is a Bukkit style plugin for Minecraft that connects, via CMIS, to an Alfresco repository.

Wiki and Documentation


  • Activiti - Activiti Workflow

  • Flowable - Recent fork of Alfresco Activiti by core maintainers


  • Alfresco Photoanalyzer - Alfresco add-on to analyze people photos and extract information about the gender, the age, face expressions, emotions and others using Microsoft Cognitive API.

  • Alfresco Rule Management - Alfresco add-on that establishes a REST API for working with folder rules.

  • Alfresco Tooling - Common Alfresco tooling, scripts and test setups.

  • Slack Bot for Alfresco - a simple chatbot for Slack that connects to your Alfresco instance and provides some handy functionality

Community Resources

Commercial Add-ons

Since Alfresco has discontinued the, this page will now include links to top Alfresco commercial add-ons. When it returns, this section will cease to be updated.

  • Alfresco Two Factor Authentication - Alfresco Two Factor (2FA) Authentication Module with support for SMS, TOTP and Call based two factor login with Authy and Google Authenticator with TOTP.

  • Sharebox for Alfresco - Sharebox for Alfresco enables sharing Alfresco content with external users with support for nested folders, thumbnail previews, auditing and zip downloads.

  • Share Themes Pack - High quality swatch based visual templates for Alfresco.

  • Zoomable for Alfresco - A zoomable tile generator with Microsoft DeepZoom and previewer for viewing tiled high resolution images.

The classification will change with time. Currently, it’s used as a basic categorisation based on the description of each repository.

Contributing and License

Create an issue or a pull request with your submission. It will be evaluated and then made into this list.

Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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