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Monolithic x86 unix based kernel development

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Tantra is a x86 unix based monolithic kernel development project. The sanskrit word tantra is means system, os:: संचालन (sanchalan: operating) तंत्र (tantra: system).

Tantra was created from scratch by: Rohit Yadav <>


Development: gcc, as, ld, objdump, objcopy, nm, dd, python, perl, mkisofs

Testing: qemu, gdb, VirtualBox


make qemu -> builds the kernel and runs on qemu

make qemu-gdb -> builds the kernel for debugging with gdb

make vbox -> builds a vm based on built kernel image and runs on VirtualBox

make iso -> creates a bootable cd image

make setup-vm -> creates a VirtualBox compatible hard disk image

make clean -> cleans all the build mess


  • jos/xv6 for its build system and boot loading concepts
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