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DNSWarden now supports DNS-over-QUIC including the custom filter DNS

Custom filter DNS is live, try it out here.

Just a normal privacy oriented DNS service with the ability to block ads, trackers, malware, and phishing. We provide an uncensored DNS as well


  • Provides multiple types of DNS
    • Pure uncensored DNS (Blocks nothings , more power for the user!)

    • Adblocking DNS (Blocks ads , trackers and all the random crap on the internet.)

    • Adult Filter DNS (Blocks adult content, enforces force safe search for search engines and YouTube. Also blocks ads, trackers and other malicious stuff)

    • Custom filter DNS (Users can choose multiple blocklists from the predefined set depending on their usage. Supports DNS-over-QUIC, DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS)

      • Supports DNS over QUIC, DNS over HTTPS, DNS over TLS and DNSCrypt.
      • DNSSEC and QNAME minimization are enabled by default.
      • Supports other non-icann TLD's.
      • No query logging .
      • If your favourite website gets blocked/broken, report here or here or here. No support will be given to custom filter DNS for broken/blocked sites. Users will have to choose the blocklist appropriately.

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