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Task Planner - ASP.Net Core based simple easy to use a standalone web application to plan project roadmaps, user stories, backlogs, estimates effortlessly using appealing and user-friendly interface for software development.
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Task Planner

Task Planner - A simple easy to use application to create project roadmaps, user stories, project estimates effortlessly using easy to use interface. Created project can easily be shared to any one by adding the recipients email id.

Basic Requirements to run

Changes need to be done in source to setup application

Key Features

  • Login using google account

  • Share projects to any one by using there Gmail id

  • Create, edit, delete and share projects

  • Effortlessly create road map, user stories as if you are typing in a doc editor in a grid. Categorize and group stories by theme, epics in a grid view

  • Add estimates, penalty, benefit, priority, theme, epic, sprint, release, assignee and priority to a story.

  • Export stories to excel

  • Developed using cutting edge technology .net core - cross platform compatible can be hosted on Linux / windows.

  • Replaces email / excel and organizes features list at one place

  • Note: This isn't an actual issue tracker, but it helps in planning stories to be added in backlog of issue tracker it’s a first stage of your development cycle highly useful for startup companies, consultancy team, product owners, scrum masters for writing user stories / feature plan effortlessly.

Use Cases

  • Start-up companies can use this to prepare road map for their products.
  • Consulting companies can use this to prepare a plan or estimate cost / hour for requirements and can share to customer.
  • Freelancers or small teams can use this to prepare a list of features for their product.
  • Product Owners / Scrum master can use this to create a plan for their product release or sprints.
  • Product Owners / Scrum master can use this to prepare and share road maps.
  • As it provides organized for story writing effortlessly can be used as a replacement for document editors / excel sheets.
  • There are several fields which can be used in different ways based on needs either for preparing road maps, sprint plan, release plan, preparing estimates.
  • Stories can be exported to excel.
  • Stories can be grouped / sorted by themes, epics, estimation, assignee, sprint / release easily.
  • Estimate, penalty, benefit & priority can also be set for stories.
  • Reduces time and effort to write stories by product owner as they are not writing stories in actual issue tracker, which takes time for a single-story creation, who can then pass on written stories to scrum masters to convert to actual tasks with detailed requirement in issue tracker.
  • Can be used as an initial stage tool in software development life cycle for filtering features and setting priority.
  • Can also be used as an application to create check lists.
  • Share testing plan to testing engineers.

Future Enhancements

  • Import from Excel, CSV, Jira XML.
  • Kanban boards for viewing stories by sprint, release, theme, epic
  • Chart & Graph visualization
  • Count based Statistics
  • Email to user when project is shared
  • Retaining selected columns for a project in database so that state of selected columns are retained project wise.
  • Integration with issue trackers JIRA, Trello, GitHub, GitLab.
  • Improve Responsiveness to mobile
  • Documents and screenshots maintenance


Home page


Google Authentication


Projects - Add, Edit, Delete, Favorite


Sharing Projects

Sharing Project

Plan roadmaps / stories / features

Planning Stories / Roadmap

Using additional columns other than those visible by default

Selecting Columns

Featured in Product Hunt popular list -

Third Party library credits

Thankful to following third party library vendors aiding in implementation of features

  • Bootstrap
  • Toastr
  • typescript
  • Systemjs
  • Syncfusion Essential Javascript 2 components (Grid, Button, Dialog) -
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