Simple UITableView tricks with focus on UITableViewCell Layout
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Simple UITableView tricks with focus on UITableViewCell Layout

Sample Screenshot

Key Features:

  • Drag n Drop component to display UITableView content in Circular Fasion
  • Supports Infinite Scrolling Behavior
  • Resolution Independent - Sample Example demonstrates its usage in both iPad and iPhone (both 4s and iPhone 5 4" Retina Screen )
  • Supports iOS v 4.3 and above


  1. Find BBTableView Folder and add it to your project
  2. Use the Instance of BBTableView or change the Custom Class of UITableView component in the Interface Builder to BBTableView
  3. Use the exposed properties to play with the features like,
    • Enable / Disable the Infinite Scrolling Behavior
    • Layout the content in Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise fashion

For detailed description on logic behind this component, Please visit my blog

** License / Attribution ** I hope you don't mind sending an appreciation e-mail to if you plan to use this control in your applications. :)

** Credits ** Thanks Evadne Wu for Interceptor Component.

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This Control also appeared in

Cocoa Controls( ) and was the awarded Control of the Week ( )too.

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