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Tool to automate common OSINT tasks
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Tool to automate common osint tasks. Probably best run on Kali, but tested on Debian 8.


In your path:

whois, host, git, theHarvester(, pyFoca(

python modules:

python-docx, shodan, google, pypdf (for pyFoca)

other files:

A hashcat style pot file(hash:plain), and whatever open source dumps you already have in format user:hash


$ git clone

(if missing modules:)

$ pip install shodan

$ pip install google

$ pip install python-docx

Install all missing modules

$ pip install -U -r requirements.txt 


usage: [-h] [-c FooCorp] [-d] [-v] DORKS [DORKS ...]

positional arguments:
  DORKS                 user supplied dorks

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c FooCorp, --client FooCorp
                        The name you want to call target domain owner's name.
  -d, --domain
                    The Domain you want to search.
  -v, --verbose         Verbosity option. Mainly just dumps all output to the
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