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The goal of leaflet.extras is to provide extra functionality to the leaflet R package using various leaflet plugins.


# We need latest leaflet package from Github, as CRAN package is too old.


Plugins integrated so far ...

If you need a plugin that is not already implemented create an issue.


The R functions have been documented using roxygen, and as such should provide enough help to get started on using a feature. However some plugins have lots of options and it's not feasible to document every single detail, so you are encouraged to check the plugin's documentation.

Currently there are no vignettes (contributions welcome), but there are plenty of examples available.


Here are several ways in which you can help. Please consult the Code of Conduct.

  • Create issues for plugins you wish incorporated. It would help in prioritizing if you can include additional details like why you need the plugin, how helpful will it be to everyone etc.
  • Submit pull requests by incorporating plugins on your own.
  • Spreading awareness about the package and showcasing your use via social media, blog posts, presentations etc.