these are apis that can help you get shhare prices for inaid, gold prices for india and also the solver prices for india.
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I was looking for an api for gold and silver price when doing some case study, and I could not find any readymade APIs, so i have developed this to fill in the gap. ;) This is a read me file for the API.


This API will allow you to search for a stock by name. It also allows querying of the currunt price of the stock whose "stock code" is provided.

All the stock related information is taken from the "yahoo stock webservice". User need not to parse the json, it will return the pojos. You can directly call methods from your code and it would return the values.

There are also two classes available which allows you to query for the currunt gold and silver prices. It gets the currunt gold and silver prices from the "Multicomodity Exchange India".

All the gold and silver prices are from India only.

How to use

To use these classes just import these classes to your project and use the public methods available with them. Already a jar file is there in build folder, just import that jar file and start using them in your project.


Although all the source code is free, please be generous enough to drop an email informing me that you are using them; it would be a nice feedback. Please mention words like "github,gold,silver,share,api".


Please email me if there are any errors on Although I do not promise to solve bug in time, but would do when I get some time.