Accounting for Value Networks
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Important, the main project has moved to

A prototype of Value Network Accounting, being developed in collaboration with , a pioneering value network.

Background on Value Networks:

The prototype used the starter project, built on the Django framework.

Developer doc to come. User doc probably much later.

The valueaccounting app could be split out and used in other Django projects.


  • Deploy on Web server so Sensorica members can experiment with it. [done: ]
  • Import Sensorica spreadsheet data. [done]
  • Create interfaces for members to enter contributions. [mockup, awaiting feedback]
  • Create an interface for members to experiment with value equations and income distributions. [mockup, awaiting feedback]
  • Add Features and Options for configured products [done]
  • Create a Lab Notes app for research and development work
  • Add a Wiki
  • Create a pluggable English vocabulary.
  • Translate the UI into French.
  • Create visualizations in the system. [started]: example:
  • Create exports of combined data for visualizations and reports outside the system. [exports of simple data done]
  • Add a reversion system (revision tracking and undo) for product and process design changes.

Longer term:

  • Create a protocol for nodes in a federated value system to communicate and transact with one another.
  • Convert the valueaccounting Django app to another platform to test the protocol between platforms and serve as a proof of concept of a language and framework neutral accounting design..