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(ns todos-first.core
[cljs.core.async :as async
:refer [<! >! chan close! sliding-buffer put!]]
[jayq.core :refer [$ append ajax inner $deferred when done resolve pipe on] :as jq]
[jayq.util :refer [log]]
[crate.core :as crate]
[clojure.string :refer [join blank?]]
[todos-first.templates :refer [app-view]])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :as m :refer [go alt!]]))
(def dlog (comp log prn-str))
(defn click-chan [input-chan selector ev-name]
(on ($ "body") :click selector {}
(fn [e] (jq/prevent e)
(let [data (-> e .-currentTarget $ .data
(js->clj :keywordize-keys true))]
(put! input-chan [ev-name data])))))
(defn fields-value-map [form-selector fields]
(into {} (map
(fn [fld]
[fld (jq/val ($ (str form-selector " input[name=" (name fld) "]")))] )
(defn form-submit-chan [input-chan form-selector ev-name fields]
(on ($ "body") :submit form-selector {}
(fn [e]
(jq/prevent e)
(put! input-chan [ev-name (fields-value-map form-selector fields)]))))
(defn filter-chan [pred channel]
(go (loop []
(let [res (<! channel)]
(if (pred res) res (recur))))))
(defn filter-events [name-set channel]
(let [name-set (if (set? name-set) name-set #{name-set})]
(filter-chan #(and (pos? (count %)) (name-set (first %)))
(defn render-page [state]
(-> ($ ".container")
(inner (crate/html (app-view state)))))
(defn validate-edit-form [fields]
(if (blank? (:name fields))
[[:name "can't be blank"]]
(defn validate-task-form [fields]
(if (blank? (:content fields))
[[:content "can't be blank"]]
(defn add-list [{:keys [data] :as state} list-name]
(let [new-sym (-> "todo-list-" gensym name keyword)
new-data (assoc-in data [:todo-lists new-sym]
{:name list-name :tasks {}})]
(assoc state
:data new-data
:focused-list new-sym)))
(defn add-list-form-app [input-chan state]
(loop [form-state (assoc state
:mode :add-list
:new-list-form {})]
(render-page form-state)
(let [[event-name form-result] (<! (filter-events
#{:new-list-form-submit :cancel-new-list-form}
(if (= event-name :cancel-new-list-form)
(let [errors (validate-edit-form form-result)]
(if (pos? (count errors))
(recur (assoc form-state :new-list-form {:name (form-result :name)
:errors errors}))
(add-list state (form-result :name)))))))))
(defn add-task [{:keys [focused-list] :as state} content]
(let [new-task-id (-> "task" gensym name keyword)
new-data (assoc-in (state :data) [:todo-lists
(assoc state :data new-data)))
(defn do-add-task [state form-vals]
(let [errors (validate-task-form form-vals)]
(if (pos? (count errors))
(assoc state :new-task-form { :content (:content form-vals)
:errors errors })
(-> state
(add-task (:content form-vals))
(dissoc :new-task-form)))))
(defn select-list [state {:keys [listId]}]
(assoc state :focused-list (keyword listId)))
(defn delete-task [{:keys [data] :as state} {:keys [taskId]}]
(assoc state :data
(update-in data
(:focused-list state)
:tasks] dissoc (keyword taskId))))
(defn complete-task [{:keys [data] :as state} {:keys [taskId]}]
(assoc state :data
(assoc-in data
(:focused-list state)
(keyword taskId)
:completed] true )))
(defn delete-list [{:keys [data] :as state} {:keys [listId]}]
(let [updated-data (update-in data
[:todo-lists] dissoc (:focused-list state))]
(assoc state
:data updated-data
:focused-list (-> updated-data :todo-lists first first))))
(defn app-loop [start-state]
(let [input-chan (chan)]
(click-chan input-chan ".nav .new-list" :get-new-list)
(form-submit-chan input-chan ".new-list-form" :new-list-form-submit [:name])
(click-chan input-chan ".cancel-new-list" :cancel-new-list-form)
(form-submit-chan input-chan ".new-task-form" :new-task-form-submit [:content])
(click-chan input-chan ".list-nav a" :select-list)
(click-chan input-chan "a.delete-list" :delete-list)
(click-chan input-chan "a.delete-task" :delete-task)
(click-chan input-chan "a.complete-task" :complete-task)
(loop [state start-state]
(log "loop top " (prn-str state))
(render-page state)
(let [[ev-name ev-data] (<! input-chan)]
(condp = ev-name
:get-new-list (recur (<! (add-list-form-app input-chan state)))
:new-task-form-submit (recur (do-add-task state ev-data))
:select-list (recur (select-list state ev-data))
:delete-list (recur (delete-list state ev-data))
:delete-task (recur (delete-task state ev-data))
:complete-task (recur (complete-task state ev-data))
(recur state)
(defn setup-page []
(app-loop {}))