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(ns dots-game-2.ex1
[cljs.core.async :as async
:refer [<! >! chan close! sliding-buffer put! alts! timeout]]
[jayq.core :refer [$ append ajax html css $deferred
done resolve pipe on bind attr
offset] :as jq]
[jayq.util :refer [log]]
[crate.core :as crate]
[goog.object :as gobj]
[dots-game-2.utils :refer [tap-until take-until filter-chan map-chan
tap-into siphon siphon-off logger-chan
go-iterate-chan go-iterate-state
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :as m :refer [go]]))
(defn is-bad-ie? []
(let [browser (gobj/get js/$ "browser")]
(and (gobj/get browser "msie")
(> 10 (gobj/get browser "version")))))
(defn xy-message [ch msg-name xy-obj]
(put! ch [msg-name {:x (gobj/get xy-obj "pageX")
:y (gobj/get xy-obj "pageY")}]))
(defn touch-xy-message [ch msg-name xy-obj]
(xy-message ch msg-name
(-> xy-obj
(gobj/get "originalEvent")
(gobj/get "touches")
(aget 0))))
(defn mousemove-handler [in-chan jqevent]
(if (pos? (if (nil? (gobj/get jqevent "buttons"))
(gobj/get jqevent "which")
(gobj/get jqevent "buttons")))
(xy-message in-chan :draw jqevent)
(put! in-chan [:drawend])))
(defn nice-mouse-event-capture [in-chan selector end-handler]
(bind ($ selector) "mousemove" #(mousemove-handler in-chan %))
(bind ($ selector) "mousedown" #(xy-message in-chan :draw %))
(bind ($ selector) "mouseup" end-handler))
(defn ie-mouse-event-capture [in-chan selector end-handler]
(bind ($ selector) "mousemove" #(xy-message in-chan :draw %))
(bind ($ "body") "mousedown" #(xy-message in-chan :drawstart %))
(bind ($ "body") "mouseup" end-handler))
(defn draw-event-capture
([selector] (draw-event-capture (chan) selector))
([in-chan selector]
(let [end-handler (fn [_] (put! in-chan [:drawend]))]
(if (is-bad-ie?)
(ie-mouse-event-capture in-chan selector end-handler)
(nice-mouse-event-capture in-chan selector end-handler))
(bind ($ selector) "touchmove" #(touch-xy-message in-chan :draw %))
(bind ($ selector) "touchend" end-handler)
(defn partition-chan
([start-pred in] (partition-chan start-pred (complement start-pred) in))
([start-pred end-pred in]
(let [out (chan)]
(loop []
(if-let [val (<! in)]
(if (start-pred val)
(let [next-chan (chan)]
(>! out next-chan)
(>! next-chan val) ;; capture the first message
(<! (tap-until end-pred in next-chan))
(close! next-chan)))
(close! out))))
(defn draw-chan [selector]
(let [input-chan (draw-event-capture selector)
start-message (if (is-bad-ie?) :drawstart :draw)]
(partition-chan #(= start-message (first %))
#(not= :draw (first %))
(defn draw-point [selector color coord {:keys [top left]}]
(append ($ selector)
(crate/html [:div {:class (str "point " (name color))
:style (str "top: " (- (coord :y) top 5) "px;"
"left: " (- (coord :x) left 5) "px;")}])))
(defn within-element-predicate [selector]
(let [offset (offset ($ selector))
width (+ (.width ($ selector)) (offset :left))
height (+ (.height ($ selector)) (offset :top))
in-range #(and (< (offset :top) (% :y) height)
(< (offset :left) (% :x) width))]
(fn [[msg-name xy-obj]]
(and xy-obj (in-range xy-obj)))))
(defn drawing-loop [selector]
(let [in-range-pred (within-element-predicate selector)
offset (offset ($ selector))
get-color #(get [:red :green :blue] (mod % 3))
drawing-chan (draw-chan selector)]
(loop [color-i 0]
(let [draw-action-chan (<! drawing-chan)]
(<! (apply-to-chan
#(when (in-range-pred %)
(draw-point selector (get-color color-i) (last %) offset))
(recur (inc color-i)))))))
(defn example-1 [selector]
(drawing-loop selector))