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(ns dots-game.ex3
[cljs.core.async :as async
:refer [<! >! chan close! sliding-buffer put! alts! timeout]]
[jayq.core :refer [$ append ajax inner css $deferred
done resolve pipe on bind attr
offset] :as jq]
[jayq.util :refer [log]]
[crate.core :as crate]
[dots-game.ex1 :refer [draw-chan]]
[dots-game.ex2 :refer [render-example-board grid-unit board-size] :as board])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :as m :refer [go]]))
(def reverse-board-position (partial - (dec board-size)))
(defn coord->dot-pos [offset {:keys [x y]}]
(let [[x y] (map - [x y] offset [13 13])]
(when (and (< 12 x (+ 12 grid-unit))
(< 12 y (* board-size grid-unit)))
(reverse-board-position (int (/ y grid-unit))))))
(defn collect-dots [draw-input out-chan board-offset init-msg]
(loop [last-pos nil
msg init-msg]
(when (= :draw (first msg))
(let [cur-pos (coord->dot-pos board-offset (last msg))]
(if (and (not (nil? cur-pos)) (not= cur-pos last-pos))
(put! out-chan [:dot-pos cur-pos]))
(recur (or cur-pos last-pos) (<! draw-input)))))))
(defn dot-chan [selector]
(let [draw-input (draw-chan selector)
board-offset ((juxt :left :top) (offset ($ selector)))
out-chan (chan)
dot-collector (partial collect-dots draw-input out-chan board-offset)]
(loop [msg (<! draw-input)]
(when (= (first msg) :draw)
(<! (dot-collector msg))
(put! out-chan [:end-dots]))
(recur (<! draw-input))))
(defn log-loop [selector]
(let [dot-ch (dot-chan selector)]
(render-example-board selector)
(loop []
(.prepend ($ (str selector "-log"))
(crate/html [:div (prn-str (<! dot-ch))]))