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(ns dots-game.ex6
[cljs.core.async :as async
:refer [<! >! chan close! sliding-buffer put! alts! timeout]]
[jayq.core :refer [$ append ajax inner css $deferred
done resolve pipe on bind attr
offset] :as jq]
[jayq.util :refer [log]]
[crate.core :as crate]
[dots-game.ex1 :refer [draw-chan]]
[dots-game.ex2 :refer [render-example-board grid-unit board-size
create-dot get-rand-colors
dot-pos-to-corner-position] :as board]
[dots-game.ex3 :refer [dot-chan]])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :as m :refer [go]]))
(def create-dots #(map-indexed create-dot (get-rand-colors %)))
(defn initial-state [selector]
{:board (create-dots board-size)
:dot-chain []
:selector selector})
(defn add-dots-to-board [selector dots]
(mapv #(append ($ selector) (:elem %)) dots))
(defn move-dot-to-pos [dot i]
(let [[top left] (dot-pos-to-corner-position i)]
(css ($ (dot :elem)) {:top top :left left})))
(defn move-dots-to-new-positions [board]
(loop [i 0 [dot & xdots] board]
(when (not (nil? dot))
(when (not= (dot :pos) i)
(move-dot-to-pos dot i)
(<! (timeout 100)))
(recur (inc i) xdots)))))
(defn update-positions [board]
(vec (map-indexed #(assoc %2 :pos %1) board)))
(defn remove-dots-from-dom [dots-to-remove]
(doseq [dot dots-to-remove]
(let [$elem ($ (dot :elem))]
(.addClass $elem "scale-out")
(<! (timeout 150))
(.remove $elem)))))
(defn remove-dots [{:keys [dot-chain] :as state}]
(let [pos-set (set dot-chain)
dots-to-remove (keep-indexed #(if (pos-set %1) %2) (state :board))
next-board (keep-indexed #(if (not (pos-set %1)) %2)
(state :board))]
(remove-dots-from-dom dots-to-remove)
(move-dots-to-new-positions next-board)
(assoc state :board (update-positions next-board) :dot-chain [])))
(defn add-dots [state]
(let [number-to-add (- board-size (count (state :board)))
new-dots (map create-dot (repeat 8) (get-rand-colors number-to-add))
next-board (concat (state :board) new-dots)]
(add-dots-to-board (state :selector) new-dots)
(<! (timeout 500))
(move-dots-to-new-positions next-board))
(assoc state :board (update-positions next-board))))
(defn render-updates [state]
(if (pos? (count (state :dot-chain)))
(add-dots (remove-dots state))
(defn dot-follows? [{:keys [board]} prev-dot cur-dot]
(let [prev-color (-> board (get prev-dot) :color)
cur-color (-> board (get cur-dot) :color)]
(or (nil? prev-dot)
(and (= prev-color cur-color)
(or (= cur-dot (inc prev-dot))
(= cur-dot (dec prev-dot)))))))
(defn get-dot-chain [state dot-ch first-dot-msg]
(loop [dot-chain []
msg first-dot-msg]
(if (not= :dot-pos (first msg))
(recur (if (dot-follows? state (last dot-chain) (last msg))
(conj dot-chain (last msg))
(<! dot-ch))))))
(defn dot-chain-getter [state dot-ch]
(loop [dot-msg (<! dot-ch)]
(if (= :dot-pos (first dot-msg))
(<! (get-dot-chain state dot-ch dot-msg))
(recur (<! dot-ch))))))
(defn game-loop [selector init-state]
(let [dot-ch (dot-chan selector)]
(add-dots-to-board selector (init-state :board))
(loop [state init-state]
(let [next-state (assoc state :dot-chain
(<! (dot-chain-getter state dot-ch)))
state (render-updates next-state)]
(recur state))))))
(defn example-6 [selector]
(game-loop selector (initial-state selector)))
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