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1c21778 Apr 29, 2016
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(ns todos-async.ex4
[cljs.core.async :as async
:refer [<! >! chan close! sliding-buffer put! alts!]]
[jayq.core :refer [$ append ajax html $deferred $when done resolve pipe on] :as jq]
[jayq.util :refer [log]]
[crate.core :as crate]
[clojure.string :refer [join blank?]]
[todos-async.chan-utils :refer [click-chan form-submit-chan merge-chans filter-chan get-next-message]]
[todos-async.ex3 :refer [modal-form]])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :as m :refer [go alt!]]))
(defn todo-task [idx {:keys [completed] :as task}]
(let [control (if completed
[:span {:class "glyphicon glyphicon-ok-sign"}]
[:a.complete-todo {:href "#" :data-task-index idx}
[:span {:class "glyphicon glyphicon-ok-circle"}]])]
" "
[:span {:class (if completed "completed")}
(:content task)]]
(defn todo-list [{:keys [todo-list] :as state}]
[:a {:href "#" :class "new-todo btn btn-primary"} "Add task"]]
[:ul {:class "todo-list list-unstyled"}
(map-indexed todo-task todo-list)]
(modal-form state)])
(defn render-templates [state]
(-> ($ "#example4")
(html (crate/html (todo-list state)))))
(defn add-task [{:keys [todo-list] :as state} task]
(assoc state :todo-list (conj todo-list task)))
(defn complete-task [state task-index]
(assoc-in state [:todo-list task-index :completed] true))
(defn user-inputs []
[(click-chan "#example4" :new-task)
(click-chan "#example4 a.complete-todo" :complete-todo)
(click-chan "#example4 a.cancel-new-todo" :cancel-new-form)
(form-submit-chan "#example4 .new-task-form"
:task-form-submit [:content])]))
(defn add-task-modal [state input-chan]
(render-templates (assoc state :mode :add-todo-form))
(let [[msg-name msg-data] (<! (get-next-message #{:cancel-new-form
(condp = msg-name
:cancel-new-form state
:task-form-submit (-> state
(add-task msg-data)
(dissoc :mode))
(defn main-app [start-state input-chan]
(loop [state start-state]
(render-templates state)
(let [[msg-name msg-data] (<! (get-next-message #{:new-task :complete-todo}
(condp = msg-name
:complete-todo (complete-task state (:taskIndex msg-data))
:new-task (<! (add-task-modal state input-chan))
(defn app-loop [start-state]
(main-app start-state (user-inputs)))