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[BUG]: Core node modules work in app but not in tests #148

eccentric-j opened this issue Feb 4, 2019 · 2 comments

[BUG]: Core node modules work in app but not in tests #148

eccentric-j opened this issue Feb 4, 2019 · 2 comments


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@eccentric-j eccentric-j commented Feb 4, 2019


I am able to access core node modules in dev build but not in my tests.


Created to minimally reproduce the problem

  1. Run git clone
  2. Run cd minirepro-fig-test-deps
  3. Run lein fig:build
  4. Run node target/node/dev/dev-main.js
  5. You should see output similar to:
    Loaded main script
    Running main fn
    #js [".gitignore" "" "dev.cljs.edn" "figwheel-main.edn" "node_modules" "package-lock.json" "package.json" "project.clj" "src" "target" "test" "test.cljs.edn"]
  6. It worked. Now run lein fig:test


  • Tests pass or fail
  • Exit code should reflect test status


  • Tests never run
  • Error is thrown:
    No such namespace: fs, could not locate fs.cljs, fs.cljc, or JavaScript source providing "fs" in file minirepro-fig-test-deps/src/minirepro_fig_test_deps/core.cljs {:tag :cljs/analysis-error}
        at cljs.analyzer$error.invokeStatic(analyzer.cljc:706)
        at cljs.analyzer$error.invoke(analyzer.cljc:702)
        at cljs.analyzer$error.invokeStatic(analyzer.cljc:704)
        at cljs.analyzer$error.invoke(analyzer.cljc:702)
        at cljs.analyzer$analyze_deps.invokeStatic(analyzer.cljc:2159)
        at cljs.analyzer$analyze_deps.invoke(analyzer.cljc:2133)
        at cljs.analyzer$ns_side_effects.invokeStatic(analyzer.cljc:3509)
        at cljs.analyzer$ns_side_effects.invoke(analyzer.cljc:3504)
        at cljs.analyzer$analyze_STAR_$fn__2534.invoke(analyzer.cljc:3629)
        at clojure.lang.PersistentVector.reduce(
        at clojure.core$reduce.invokeStatic(core.clj:6827)
        at clojure.core$reduce.invoke(core.clj:6810)
        at cljs.analyzer$analyze_STAR_.invokeStatic(analyzer.cljc:3629)
        at cljs.analyzer$analyze_STAR_.invoke(analyzer.cljc:3619)
        at cljs.analyzer$analyze.invokeStatic(analyzer.cljc:3649)
        at cljs.analyzer$analyze.invoke(analyzer.cljc:3631)
        at cljs.compiler$emit_source.invokeStatic(compiler.cljc:1390)
        at cljs.compiler$emit_source.invoke(compiler.cljc:1369)
        at cljs.compiler$compile_file_STAR_$fn__3696.invoke(compiler.cljc:1471)
        at cljs.compiler$with_core_cljs.invokeStatic(compiler.cljc:1289)
        at cljs.compiler$with_core_cljs.invoke(compiler.cljc:1278)
        at cljs.compiler$compile_file_STAR_.invokeStatic(compiler.cljc:1455)
        at cljs.compiler$compile_file_STAR_.invoke(compiler.cljc:1448)
        at cljs.compiler$compile_file$fn__3727.invoke(compiler.cljc:1553)
        ... 74 more


  • Am I importing core node modules incorrectly?
  • Why does it work with npm deps but not built-in node modules?
  • If the answer is simple, should I make a PR to update the docs?



^{:watch-dirs ["test" "src"]
  :auto-testing true}
{:main minirepro-fig-test-deps.core
 :npm-deps     {"ws" "6.1.3"}
 :install-deps true
 :target :nodejs}


  ;; use an alternative landing page for the tests so that we don't
  ;; launch the application
  :open-url "http://[[server-hostname]]:[[server-port]]/test.html"

  ;; uncomment to launch tests in a headless environment
  ;; you will have to figure out the path to chrome on your system
  ;; :launch-js ["/Applications/Google Chrome" "--headless" "--disable-gpu" "--repl" :open-url]
{:main minirepro-fig-test-deps.test-runner
 :target :nodejs}
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@bhauman bhauman commented Apr 10, 2019

Yes your test.cljs.edn file is not correct.

You at least need to remove the :open-url param as it makes no sense in this context. I think the :open-url is causing this to run in the Browser and thats why you are getting that error.

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@nenadalm nenadalm commented Jul 29, 2019

Hi. I have the same issue with simpler reproduction (ClojureScript script running on nodejs using built-in module).

Project setup


{:paths ["src"]
 :deps {org.clojure/clojurescript {:mvn/version "1.10.520"}
        com.bhauman/figwheel-main {:mvn/version "0.2.3"}}}


{:main app.core
 :target :nodejs}


(ns app.core
   [path :as path]))

(defn -main [& args]
  (println (.join path "/first" "second")))

(set! *main-cli-fn* -main)


Compiling and then running the script runs just fine:

$ clj -m figwheel.main -bo dev
$ node target/node/dev/dev-main.js 

Running script using -m option fails on missing node module:

$ clj -m figwheel.main -co dev.cljs.edn -m app.core
2019-07-29 10:37:52.354:INFO::main: Logging initialized @8217ms to org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.StdErrLog
[Figwheel] Compiling build dev to "target/node/dev/dev-main.js"
[Figwheel] Failed to compile build dev in 1.751 seconds.
[Figwheel:WARNING] Compile Exception   /var/www/html/nenadalm/contrib/figwheel-main-issues/148/src/app/core.cljs   line:3  column:5

  No such namespace: path, could not locate path.cljs, path.cljc, or JavaScript source providing "path" in file /var/www/html/nenadalm/contrib/figwheel-main-issues/148/src/app/core.cljs

  1  (ns app.core
  2    (:require
  3     [path :as path]))
  5  (defn -main [& args]
  6    (println (.join path "/first" "second")))
  8  (set! *main-cli-fn* -main)

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