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vrEmbed, by Bhautik Joshi

vrEmbed is an easy-to-use tool to create a VR experience from photos. You can use it to take an existing image:


..and turn it into an interactive VR experience.

The above could be achieved using a simple, one-line embed code:

<a class="vrEmbedPhoto" src="src/assets/rheingauer_dom.jpg" isStereo="false" sphereParams="360,180,0,0"></a><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></div></script>

or a single URL:,180,0,0&isStereo=false

You can even take 3D image pairs:

..and turn them into an interactive scene.

##How to create a vrEmbed pano The quick mode for vrEmbed allows you to quickly wrap a single image to turn it into an interactive VR scene.

The basic format of a vrEmbed goes like this:

<a class="vrEmbedPhoto" src="foo.jpg" isStereo="false" sphereParams="w,h,x,y" texParams="LTx,LTy,LBx,LBy,RTx,RTy,RBx,RBy"></a><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></div></script>

Alternatively, if you don't want an embed code and just want a single URL to turn your image into an interactive scene, you can format your URL like this:;isStereo=false&amp;sphereParams=w,h,x,y&amp;texParams=LTx,LTy,LBx,LBy,RTx,RTy,RBx,RBy

###Needed: src


Simply point the code at where your image lives online.

###Needed: isStereo


If your image is a composite of left and right images, set this to true otherwise just leave it as false.

###Needed: sphereParams

h and w refer to the vertical height and horizontal width of your image on the sphere, in degrees. If you have a full, 360 by 180 panorama then w=360 and h=180.
x and y refer to where on the sphere the centre of your image is. x goes from left to right from -180 to 180; 0 is straight ahead of the viewer, -90 is directly to the left and 90 is directly to the right. y goes from top to bottom -90 to 90; 0 is straight ahead of the viewer, -90 is directly above and 90 is directly below.

###Optional: texParams

More advanced users can set up their embed with a 3D (i.e. stereo) image. For vrEmbed we currently assume that the left and right images combined together into the same image, typically side-by-side or top-and-bottom. We need to tell vrEmbed where the left and right images are. We measure the x-coordinate from left to right going from 0.0 to 1.0, amd the y-coordinate from top to bottom also going from 0.0 to 1.0. Note that at the moment we do not support pixel coordinates - these are floating-point values (this may change depending on need).
We define (LTx,LTy) as the top-left coordinate of the left image, (LBx,LBy) as the bottom-right coordinate of the left image. (RTx,RTy) and (RBx,RBy) correspondingly match the right image.

###Optional: width and height You can set the width and height of the embed using width and height parameters, which both need to be set (e.g. width=640px height=480px); otherwise the embed defaults to creating a 16:9 ratio embed that takes up the width of the container.